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Hello, I have just been accepted into SLU accelerated nursing program:):yeah:. I also have an interview with Mizzou nursing school. I was wondering if anyone could give a detailed over of each... Read More

  1. by   jennieb79
    Nailbomb: Can I ask what your GPA is? I submitted an app in October, and they told me they had to wait until I had science grades for this past semester before they reviewed apps. I have a 3.85.... is this good enough?? I am hoping to find out soon! I have been accepted to UMSL but would rather do a 12 month program as opposed to 15.

  2. by   Nailbomb
    I'd rather not share my gpa going into the program, but yours is quite a bit higher than mine was, so I think you should be in good shape.
  3. by   jennieb79
    Thanks Nailbomb! I am anxiously awaiting the mail!
  4. by   jennieb79
    Nailbomb: I did get accepted to SLU! Now I have to choose where I want to go (still have not heard from Barnes yet). I am concerned about financial aid, but I guess schools do not let you know about scholarships until the last minute? Also, how many weeks into the program do you start clinicals? What is a typical day like for you? How early do classes starts and when do they end? What are SLU's facilities like? State of the art? I need to do a tour, if possible. Thanks for any information you can provide me with! I appreciate it very much!!
  5. by   Nailbomb
    congrats on getting accepted. i'll try to get all your questions answered.

    i am concerned about financial aid, but i guess schools do not let you know about scholarships until the last minute?

    if i remember correctly, the announcements for winners of scholarships was right when the program began, so pretty much last minute. slu will give you a contact person who is your financial advisor. this person and the financial aid office are great resources. i got in touch with the financial aid office before the program, and they were very helpful.

    how many weeks into the program do you start clinicals?

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i think it was right about a month into the program we started our maternity clinicals. you have to complete some skills in the lab, (blood pressures, heart/lung sounds, assessment, etc) during the first month, then clinicals begin.

    what is a typical day like for you? how early do classes start and when do they end?

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]classes will begin at 8am every day for the most part. during the summer, before clinicals, you will be in class m-f from about 8am to 4 pm, with an hour lunch break. clinical will take you out of the classroom a couple of days a week once they begin. as you progress through the semesters, you will spend more time in clinical and less time in the classroom.

    what are slu's facilities like? state of the art?

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]they have a lab room with mannequins for you to practice skills on, the rooms are set up like a hospital room, which is nice. there is also a simulation room where they use this mannequin called sim man 3g. it's about the most realistic simulator out i believe. it sweats, cries, has heart/lung sounds, talks, blinks, has peripheral pulses, etc. its pretty cool. like you said, the best thing is to take a tour, they will show you all of these areas.

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]if you need any clarification or have more questions, feel free to post.