PLEASE! Tell me all you know about the UM Hospital ICU fellowship for new grad nurses

  1. I am very interested in applying to the University of Missouri Hospital for the GN ICU fellowship they offer. I would love to get accepted into the SICU. Please tell me all that you can that will help me to get the position, and what I can expect if accepted (time constraints, pay while in the program, etc). I will be truly grateful!! I really want that 1:1 training that is needed to become an exceptional nurse in ICU and I feel that the 14 months that they are offering could be just what will do that. Also, do you think that it will be a negative aspect that I live in Illinois and am 2 1/2 hrs from the hospital? I am willing to make the drive and have a fantastic support system; so my determination and need to succeed will definitely get me there no matter what. However, I am wondering if they will see it as a possible hinderance and assume that I will ultimately not be present for the courses or clinicals. Any advise on how to make my intentions very clear?
    Thank you in advance for any info you can provide to me.
    One more thing, can you provide a link by chance that will give me more information than just course content and the deadline to apply? I cannot seem to get further than that on the hospital site. Thanks
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