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  1. Hey everyone. I was just curious if anyone could tell me a little bit about the LPN day program at Penn Valley. I start in January and was looking for a little insight about the program. About the teachers, is it really difficult?, fun?, exciting?, just the basics! Any info would be great!

    Thanks and have a happy thanksgiving!
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  3. by   iluvnursing625
    Hi Lauren. Congrats on starting LPN school! Iam currently an LPN student in the day program at pen valley and graduate December 13! a little bit about the program. you have got to want it. this was the longest year of my life. class starts at 7 and ends at 4 mon and tues, and then clinicals from about 6:30-3 weds and thurs. I have to say though, that it is an amazing program with excellent instructors. you really get the whole bit. even though it was the hardest year of my life, it was also the funnest. you will meet friends for life in this class, and i honestly can say that iam really going to miss it. good luck with school.