Older LPN looking for IV Cert. in St. Louis

  1. I have been out of school since 1973, worked for 10 years in ICU/CCU but was never IV certified. I took time off to raise my children and have in the past year gone to work at a LTC facility. I am an LPN and want to get IV certified. An suggesations where? Thanks...Malka
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I don't have a clue....have you called local hospitals? I'm only a first-semester student, but I understand Missouri Baptist (part of the BJC chain, I believe) has a "nurse refresher" program for RNs who have been out of the field for a period of time....you might try calling some in your area to see if they have something along the lines of what you're looking for...
  4. by   STLJEN
    Hi Malka,
    A LPN friend of mine went through Interlock Pharmacy in St. Louis to get IV certified. Cost is around $400.00. Hope this helps.
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