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  1. Has anyone here been accepted to the MSU nursing program starting this summer? I just got accepted and was wondering if any of my fellow classmates are on here
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  3. by   grandpaj
    I graduated from there not all too long ago. My advice - study hard, attend all your classes, check your attitude and entitlement (grades, etc) at the door, and learn all you can from your clinical experiences. The MSU program has a reputation for not having the clinical experiences that other local programs do (which is true - you'll get much less clinical time than the other hospital-based programs), and sometimes the learning curve after you start your first job can be a little steeper as a result.
  4. by   AmberHopefulRN
    Thank you for the reply and the advice!

    Did you do the internship the summer before senior year, and if so did you feel that it helped make up for some of the lack of clinical experience?
  5. by   grandpaj
    I completed the externship during the summer between junior and senior year, and found it pretty helpful. It can be overwhelming at times (depending on what type of preceptor you get), obnoxious because you aren't allowed to pass medications or chart much of anything (which, realistically, is about 75% of your job), and frustrating because the "journals" you submit aren't always even read by the faculty. Overall though, I feel like the experience gives you a more realistic idea of what nursing is about, and how your days will go on the job. It's especially valuable if you aren't able to work as an aide during your time in nursing school. Don't forget to treat it like a regular job - you have to call in if you're not going to be there or are going to be late, etc. - some people had issues with this and I think it cost them a real job with the hospital in the long run.
  6. by   AmberHopefulRN
    Thanks again for posting! I'm very excited and nervous about getting started