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  1. i am relocating to the branson area from oklahoma and desperately seeking an lpn position preferrably in ltc or assisted living. i love working with the elderly and have 12+ yrs experience. i have looked everywhere i can think of but have had no luck. does anyone have any suggestions??? any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   fuzzball
    I would check out the local newspapers and telephone books. Another idea you could do is check out internet sites such as ozarksfirst.com and the springfiel journal online. I have family that lives in Springfield, Mo. Branson has Skaggs hospital. I do not know of any nursing homes or clinics in Branson. I do know if you go North of Branson to a town called Ozark they have a nursing home. Clinics are abundent in Springfield as well as nursing facilities. 2 hospitals owned by Cox. (Cox hospital) The wages are low. The jobs are there. Good luck on your search. Let me know if you need more help.
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    Don't forget to check with the local Chamber of Commerces....I believe there's some towns in northern Arkansas that aren't too long of a commute either....I would bet a recruiter or HR person in the hospital mentioned above, or the Chamber will be happy to give you more info if you give them a call!!
    Best wishes!!