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  1. I'm about to graduate and am interested in the NICU . I'm located in st louis missouri. I've only had experience at cardinal glennon nicu and I absolutely loved it and since then I've been set on trying to get a job there but I would like some input on the other St. Louis locations with NICU and your experience as in staffing, team work, management and benefits.
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    Since you are in St. Louis, your thread's been moved to the Missouri Nursing forum for responses that can answer your question.
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    Thank you. I'm new to this site.
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    I did a brief stint at SSM St. Mary's Health Center Level III-a NICU. All of those babies that go to Glennon? They are born at the high-risk L&D unit at St. Mary's. The NICU there will stabilize them after birth for Glennon's transport team. St. Mary's will keep the lower-acuity kiddos, about 32 beds if I remember correctly. St. Mary's also shares providers with Glennon as well. I personally prefer the SSM facilities over BJC and I had a pretty good experience at St. Mary's.