Applied Tech Acceptance Rate?

  1. Hello!

    I have been looking into different nursing programs and I'm very interested in the Applied Tech LPN program. Can anyone tell me if they had any problems getting accepted into the program?
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  4. by   Limar81
    I would like to know too!
  5. by   pritywow
    I recently got accepted at their south tech campus in sunset hills I start on the 25 of sep . The application process was a little stressful for me I had to get all my shots done and needed to get my hiset. Anyways you have to pass the entrance test first, then you are given a package once that's done there is an interview with the director. Lastly you meet with financial aid. I got my acceptance letter a day after meeting with financial aid. Didn't have any problems getting in but definitely stay on top of things and get everything done atleast a week before the deadline. Good luck
  6. by   Limar81
    Prettywow, I start on the 25th too!! I can't wait
  7. by   pritywow
    Yay!!! Congrats I'm so excited and nervous lol. Are you going to south tech?
  8. by   Limar81
    I sure am!! Congrats to you too! We'll be starting the same day
  9. by   pritywow
    That's awesome! I'm sure we will be in the same class