Anyone in Mineral Area College Nursing Program?

  1. Hi! Just wandering if anyone is attending the nursing program at MAC? I am going to apply this fall for next years program. I already have an AA degree but have decided not to go into teaching. I think nursing would provide the challenges and rewards I'm looking for in a career. I have most of my basics and prerequisites already, I'm going to take a couple classes this fall also. I guess I'm just looking for any advice from someone who's been there done that!!
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  3. by   tiff_faith2001
    I will be attending PHEC this fall to get in my prereqs, I also plan to apply for the Nursing program at MAC soon. I have heard nothing but good things about this school. I also know that they have a good Board Test rating...etc.. etc...I myself have looked into lots of schools and I am very excited to attend MAC. Plus I like the idea of a smaller school.. and smaller class sizes! Good Luck! HOpe to see you next year!! hehe!
  4. by   bone nurse
    I am an Alumni of the Mineral Area Program. It was a wonderful experience.
    I spent my working career in one of the major Medical Centers in St. Louis as an Orthpedic nurse. I graduated in 1985 and there had never been a failure of State Boards.