Working at State Hospital (Whitfield)

  1. Has anyone ever worked for them? Are they great to work for? Is the pay good there ect..?
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  3. by   eldragon
    Should be interesting to see if anyone posts. I'm also interested.

    They have an excellent tuition reimbursement program, too.
  4. by   DTC
    Welllllllllllll as it just so happens,,lol,,I'm applying for a job at Whitfield, as us older folks call it. I"ll let you know what I find out.
  5. by   1_mo_blessing
    i am currently working at the state hospital. i am not a nurse.....although, i am making preparations to go to school next year. i am sooo excited about it. i am an account auditor tech. it's a nice place to work for me. i am in the business office, so, that's a blessing for me. pay is alright....remember, that is the state and it is mississippi!!!!