william carey

  1. any opinions about william carey's nursing school????????????????
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site. I moved your post to the Mississippi Forum for more responses.
  4. by   bmmNurse2b
    i graduated from william carey college in new orleans, LA in Au of 05 and still can't pass the boards. What does that tell ya.
  5. by   ambersnight
    At that time the New Orleans campus was on the verge of probation because of the pass rates. Now, thay are making it harder to avoid probation and loss of accreditation, but few are still enrolled becuase of the storm and "area". The Hattiesburg campus is very challenging with a 100% n-clex pass rate! But beware, only the determined will make it.
  6. by   bmmNurse2b
    no you are wrong, william carey was not going to be put on probation when I attended. NOW should they have been is another topic!!!