the University of Southern Mississippi Nursing School

  1. Hi I attend USM. I was wondering if there's someone who's apply to USM's nursing school?? Also is there anyone who has attended nursing school at USM??

    Just wanted some advice or pointers.. about how to get in the program and not get waitlisted.
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to Mississippi nursing programs for more of a response.
  4. by   RN1980
    do yourself a favor, if you have any other career options that tickle your fancy it might heed you to take a serious look at them vs. going into a difficult course of study that cost alot of money and time then entering a already over populated job market in this state that is only getting worse every semester. but if your heart is set on it go for it, just giving you advice no one gave me.
  5. by   fingerscrossed7
    I am also applying for Fall 2012!