News Article "Former nurses return to jobs in droves..."

  1. the sun herald newspaper ran an article from the clarion ledger yesterday discussing how former nurses were returning to the field. here is an excerpt:

    "she is among the nurses who have responded to the poor economy by getting back into a job that remains in high demand and is among the best paying in most communities.
    according to the bureau of labor statistics, mississippi's registered nurses in 2008 had an average annual salary of $56,160.
    "we are seeing nurses who have retired and now, because of the economy, are having to return to the profession," said melinda rush, executive director of the mississippi board of nursing. "these nurses are in their 60s and 70s but have not been out more than five years that i know of."
    reasons for returning are varied: a spouse's job loss, uneasiness about the economy or not making enough money in another field."

    read more:

    i'm curious about the comment for "high demand." from what i've heard, nursing jobs are hard to come by in the larger cities in ms.

    any thoughts from ms nurses?
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    Gulf Coastie,

    I read some posts months back where you were deciding between programs for nursing school. Did you ever decide and start?