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  1. I am applying for fall admittance into the MGCCC nursing program. I am confident I'll get in but I am curious as to when clinicals start and how they are scheduled. Older information I found said classes are usually Tuesday-Friday with clinicals on Mondays. Does anyone know if this is still the case? I have a part time job and I would like to know well in advance if I need to quit or cut back. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Tami G
    I had most of my questions answered today if anyone else out there was also curious. Clinicals don't start until the last 4 weeks of the first semester and as of right now they are on Tuesday and Thursday 0630-1230 first semester and 0630-1830 the rest of the semesters. You will also have the option of doing one Saturday instead of both Tue/Thur. Classes are held Wednesday and Friday 0900-1230.
    Hope this helps someone else!
  4. by   lovelyb26
    Are you doing the program part-time?
  5. by   Tami G
    The nursing classes are only 10 hours a semester. You have to take them exactly how they are posted. No cramming them into two semesters. So to answer the question...I suppose I will be part time because I already have all the non-nursing classes on the curriculum.