MGCCC, Hinds CC and Jones CC (JCJC)

  1. Hey Everyone! Are there any future ADN hopefuls that are applying for the Fall 2018 class? If so, let's support each other here! These are the ones I intend to apply to. MGCCC's deadline is July 1st with Hinds and Jones being March 1st so I'm retaking the ACT and TEAS next month. So far, I have taken just Human Anatomy I and made a "B" so I have a 3.0, and a 21 ACT. I haven't taken the TEAS yet. I'm so excited and anxious already! Can you all(future, current and past students) share your scores too so I'd have a general idea of my chances and time to prepare?
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  3. by   Tiffandlat1
    Im applying for the lpn to RN hybrid program; However, I was trying to apply this year, but they informed me i would have to have A&P 2 complete before applying.