Meridian Community College Spring 2015 ADN Accelerated Program

  1. Has anyone applied for spring 2015 ADN Accelerated Program at Meridian Community College? If so, have you received a letter to attend the "Information Session" or to take the Hesi Test?
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  3. by   DaeshaWilliams
    Hey! I applied for the regular RN admission! They sent out letters for both on like Oct. 13ish and people that were applying for the Accelerated admission were included in the letters. Did you ever talk to someone? The deadline for HESI and last information session was OCT 27.
  4. by   melnstev
    I received the letter for the Hesi and the "Information Session". I attended it on the 31 Oct 2014. They said we should hear something via email by the end of this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I made the cut. They said they are only accepting 30-32 for the weekend Accelerated Program. They had students in the Information Session that had not taken the Hesi yet when I was there on the 31st. What dates did the regular Rn admission have to meet for the Hesi and Information Session? I hope u hear good news this week.
  5. by   Bbrown36
    Can you tell me about the Accelerated ADN program and what to expect?
  6. by   Bbrown36
    Did you find out about your acceptance in the program in October or November? How is the ADN program at Meridian cc? I applied for the Accelerated program