Leaving the Classroom for Nursing

  1. I have been teaching since 2009 but I have been preparing for nursing school in the process. I was recently accepted into Alcorn State ADN program in Mississippi. The biggest problem I have is that I will have to leave my job to attend school which means I will not have an income. I am not eligible to receive financial aid or student loans because of the previous degrees i currently have.
    So, I am interested in any scholarships or anything else that you think will be good for my current situation. I have heard of Nurse Corps that pays for tuition, books, and gives a monthly stipend but don't know anyone that actually received that scholarship.
    Any advice will help.
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  3. by   zombieRN2019
    I am in the EXACT position you were in!!!
    i taught high school for 10 years and am now going back to nursing school. Because of my previous degrees ( bachelors and 2 masters degrees) I have no financial aid!!
    I am applying for Nurse Corps, but I've heard that chances of getting it are slim to none...

    How did your situation end up?? I need some hope!!