JOb openings in Metro-Jackson?Rental Properties?Pay Rates?

  1. If there is anyone here familiar with job openings in the metro-jackson area..specifically Brandon, Jackson,Madison, Clinton, please reply.(LPN Positions) In addition, I am looking for EXTREMELY decent and affordable rental properties in the area. Any information would kindly be appreaciated.
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  3. by   shyra001
    I work at hudspeth regional center and we always have evening and night positions available the benefits are awesome and the pay is good too. There are several apartment complexes over here and I myself live in grove acers trailor park off of pearson road in pearl. It is a very quiet and nice place to live.
  4. by   DTC
    Hi NatchezBreed~
    I work evenings at St Catherine's Village in Madison but I live closer to Clinton.I would suggest picking up a Clarion-Ledger-Sunday or Thursday edition if one is available there. It lists jobs that are also on We have apartment guides for free in local convenience stores,,maybe a quick trip up one day might be helpful,,you could go online,,most places show you a map and driving directions. The Belhaven area is centrally located and usually has apartments or duplexes. Just depends on your budget and the type of place in which you feel comfortable. Good luck and keep posting!