HCC fall 2017

  1. Hey! I will be starting the ADN Lpn to Rn program in August 2017 at HCC - Grenada. What are the times/days for Nursing Theory 1, I don't have to go to clinical.
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  3. by   mississippi_lpn
    Holmes community college is the college I will be attending.
  4. by   Nursinglife19
    Are you doing the generic or fast track?
  5. by   Nursinglife19
    If you are doing the generic that starts in august then it usually is Monday-Thursday.
    Monday's and Wednesday from 8-3 and Tuesday Thursday from 9-3
  6. by   mississippi_lpn
    fast track
  7. by   mississippi_lpn
    When are the clinical days? I don't have to go to clinical.