Gulfport Memorial, Forrest Gen

  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone here know anything about working at Gulfport Memorial or Forrest General in Hattiesburg? I'm thinking of applying for a staff RN position at either of these hospitals to be closer to my fiance. (He works in both cities.) Any info about these hospitals that anyone could pass on would be greatly appreciated.

    How are the working conditions? Decent staffing on most floors? Decent pay? OK benefits? Good employee retention? They both seem like excellent hospitals but you never know.

    Many thanks for any infor you can offer!!
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  3. by   cnmsales
    I would appreciate the same info on the same hospitals.
  4. by   greenmiler
    I can't help much but I am currently working at Memorial as a PCA awaiting start of my 4th semester of ADN. I chose memorial because of the location and because the staff seemed content when my wife was going through some surgeries a year ago. I have two fellow students working at Forrest General in the same type of position. I will see them Friday and will see what they think so far on Forrest General. I'm in a section that is very busy for my job but I can't speak for RNs there. I'll try and get more info on both locations..feel free to PM