Fall 2007

  1. Is anyone else starting the Hinds ADN program at the Allied Health Campus in the Fall? I just found out last week that I got accepted!
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  3. by   DTC
    I graduated in the first LPN class at HCC-Rankin campus in Pearl in March 2006. Get to know Ms Adams in the Learning Lab there at Allied,,she's great! I found everyone on staff to be helpful and accessible. Agains,,congrats!!!
  4. by   futurenurseLG
    Thanks so much and congrats on your graduation. I am super excited but also very nervous.
  5. by   care4u2010
    Congratulations on your acceptance into nursing school. I am on the alternate list at the Rankin branch. I still have to go to orientation even though I am an alternate. I have orientation at the Nursing Allied Branch on August 9. What is your orientation date? We may be in orientation together. I am happy and nervous, but I will get over it. Good luck