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Mission Nursing as a career

burghrn burghrn (New) New

I have traveled to Guatemala and Peru on medical mission trips. I love the idea of spending my life traveling to places with little to no access to decent healthcare and doing my best to improve the lives of those who need it most. Does anyone know or have you heard of people doing this? Is there a way to make it work financially? I guess to do so might mean you have to choose one organization and plant roots somewhere, but I'd rather bounce between a few different places. And what graduate route would you recommend? Family nurse practitioner?


Has 3 years experience. Specializes in Surgery.

I don't know about it as a career per se, but I was really interested at one point in doing Doctors without Boarders at one point in time, as they do need nurses. Check out their work/field site Work in the Field - Doctors Without Borders


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