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Missed my NCLEX appointment

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So I missed my NCLEX appt because I thought it was today, but I checked my account and apparently I scheduled it for YESTERDAY. I know - dumb mistake.

I know I have to talk to the BRN (let them know I missed my exam), reregister for a new ATT, and reregister for Pearson.

I'm just posting here for peace of mind because it's Saturday and I can't contact my BRN or Pearson until Monday.

Can anyone answer any of the following q's:

1) How long after you reregistered did you get your ATT (still have to wait 2+weeks?)

2) Do I have to submit a "Reapply for Exam" application or just start a new application, since I technically didn't take the exam yet?

3) Do I have to wait 45 days even though I didn't take the exam?

Thanks guys for any info/

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Not sure that any of us can answer those BON questions with any authority.


Go on your states BRN FAQ.