Missed Admission assessment.



I have a Med A patient that goes back and forth from the hospital.

Last re-entry - 6/27

readmission - 7/4 should have been an admission assessment. If I change this it will

be late.

14 day - 7/9 still open

How do I add this admission the easiest way.. :-)

Thank you!!!


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Combine the Adm with the 14D, complete and sign TODAY. You will still get a warning.


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if this resident was Med A when she left, and is Med a on return, isn't the readmission the correct one?

You always need an admission assessment for a new patient. In this case, since he comes in and out the initial assessment was a 5D/DC. When he came back then it is a readmission/DC. Went out again and this time an admission should have been completed.