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Miss the ICU

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by clemsongal68 clemsongal68, RN (New Member) New Member

clemsongal68 is a RN and works as a Hospice Nurse.

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I worked a general ICU for almost 5 years and then moved to hospice 4 years ago for more flexibility with my hours working due to childcare needs and my husband traveling a bunch. I no longer am limited to daytime hours and as much as I love hospice and how it supports the patients and families, I find myself really missing the ICU...the teamwork (in person), the great saves, the investigative aspects of the care...etc. Obviously if I was rehired I would need to go back and take ACLS again. Every now and then I will look at rhythm strips online to stay refreshed on them (I've still got it!). Would you expect a nurse manager to consider someone who had been out of the unit for 4 years doing hospice as a possible ICU employee? Would love any feedback before I start looking. Thanks!


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