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Misdemeanor from 8 years ago can I still be a nurse?


Hello, I have had 3 misdeamnors, dui 2011, and 2 petty theft charge in 2013. I would finish nursing school in 2021. My previous records have been expunged and sealed....would the BON look past that? I have not gotten into trouble since.


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It really is state dependent. In some states, 1 DUI will get you into a recovery program and some states will give you a pass if it does not happen again. The theft charges might give you more of a problem.

Writing a statement of what you have done to change your risky behavior will go a long way in your favor. I have read hundreds of these statements and the best advice is take total responsibility and PLEASE don't blame anyone else for your behavior.


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Were you able to get your license? I am in a similar situation? Did you disclose the arrests? Mine are expunged and I am unsure what to do