where is everybody looking for an lpn job in the twin cities area

  1. looking for a job again just wondering where the jobs are mostly,have mostly done clinic work and worked at a homecare office
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  3. by   liberty_bell
    Sorry I can't help..this MN board moves slooooooowww.. Have you looked into Home Health at all?
    Have you worked as an LVN before in Minnesota?
  4. by   IndependentMN
    Look on craigslist and type in LPN under the medical employment section, this will give you a lot of home care type of options. I believe the only major hospital in the area that works with LPN's is Fairveiw Ridges in Burnsville, but a lot of private clinics work with LPN's. Midwest Spine is one and they have locations all over the cities.
  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    MPLS VAMC hires LPNs for clinic jobs....

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