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  1. Ok it's St. Paul College now. I forget that. Anywho, I was in that area the other day and had some time before I had to be where I had to be, so I swung by the school. I hadn't been there since 1997 on the day of my pinning. How weird it was going back! The big store area downstairs used to be the main office. The upstairs looks exactly the same! It was like I never left. I saw Jude Franko. She smiled as soon as she saw me and said she remembered me but didn't remember my name so I told her. She was so smiley and nice (wasn't like that when I was a student!! :chuckle) and was all interested in what I was doing now.
    It was fun going back and seeing all the current students milling around the area before class! It really does seem like yesterday.
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