Rasmussen Moorhead LPN Program YES OR NO?

  1. I went to a community college in Moorhead for almost 2 years. About 1 year of Generals and 1 year of Business completed, but no degree. Im $20,000 in debt, but I would like to finish at least an LPN program. I took the TEAS and passed, but I can't start the program at my current school until Spring 2018! I know Rasmussen has a start date in July 2017, BUT their tuition is WAY more than what I would pay at my current school ($13k vs $27k). Is Rasmussen MOORHEAD a legit school? I've been reading bad reviews but can't find much for the Moorhead location. I really can't afford to waste any more money on tuition. Also I have 2 kids so the sooner I get licensed the better. TIA!
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  3. by   pat8585
    I would be hesitant to choose that school.