Possibility of capstone at the Mayo Clinic

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    Next week I am starting the post-baccalaureate nursing program at the College Of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, MN. I am extremely excited to begin my career as an RN. The program is only 4 semesters and lasts 15 months. My capstone is during the last semester and I would absolutely love to do complete it at Mayo. I know about the Summer III Nursing Externship, but it is not the same time as my capstone. I am curious as to if they only nursing clinical opportunities are during the summer term, or if they accept students all times of the year. Any tips about doing my capstone, or stories of those who experienced the summer externship would be extremely appreciated!

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  3. by   mnrn76
    Have you seen this page? http://www.mayo.edu/mshs/careers/nur...tion-minnesota

    Your school is on the list so I'd say it's possible you could do your capstone down here. I did all my clinical rotations at Mayo as well as my capstone and Summer III.

    Good luck in your program!
  4. by   nuren04
    Thank you so much for the link to the page! I have not discovered that yet so that is great to know!