Nurse Educator Programs

  1. I am in my last year of school and will get my BSN in May. I will then officially be an RN following that, then finding a job here in the twin cities.

    Is anyone here going to school or knows of a good TC school for Nurse Education? I would hope to one day be a nursing professor. I don't know how soon I will start the program, but it would be nice the sooner the better.

    Also, any hospitals with great tuition reimbursement? Since I don't know what hospital I am going to work at, a good hospital that will pay for my master's may be more beneficial to me.

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  3. by   Chopper
    Minnesota State University Mankato just got their Nurse Educator program set up and will be taking students next semester I believe. You can go to to get more info. They do a lot of their stuff online, so travel wouldn't be too much of an issue

    St Kate's has something too, and I think they accept men in their graduate programs. Their site is This is metro area at least. More expensive, but great education.

    Good luck to you...