New at the site and in Minnesota!

  1. i:imbar'm new here at st. paul. i moved here with my hubby and two kids from puerto rico. crazy right, because of the nice weather in pr. well things have been a little rough because i'm unemployed untill i get my nclex results from the board. i didn't meet the guide line for a gn permit. i was looking for a cna position meanwhile but haven't had any luck. i have experience as a cna in the state of ct. but it's been hard here. so untill then i feel hopeless.

    any easy way to get results other than online or by calling. i mean can i get a listing of rn in mn.i heard there was a way to find out by the licensing number.:chuckle
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  3. by   yangkchoua
    I am not sure about this, but you should not stress yourself about this. Nonetheless feel hopeless.