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  1. Hey everyone! This is my first post on allnurses.com so please bear with me I have just started my CNA course this past week and will be done with it and my state test by mid-July. It's a very exciting feeling and I cannot wait to start my career in the medical field. I do not want to stop at my CNA. I was hoping to maybe enroll into a local community college for my LPN. I understand I will have pre-reqs and whatnot before even applying to an LPN program. What is everyone's experience with the LPN programs offered at different colleges in the Twin Cities? Rasmussen seems a bit on the expensive side, but I would be willing to consider it if the reviews were great. I know that St. Paul College, Anoka Tech, Hennepin Tech all have LPN programs. What do you guys think about them? After getting my LPN I would like to do an LPN-RN bridge. Thanks in advance!
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    Hey Future Nurse,
    I start my LPN program this August at Hennepin Tech. I'll let you know how first semester goes. I do know that Practical Nursing Program Applications are being accepted July 20-August 8, 2009. You can look on their website for requirements. I think they usually accept all their applicants, but I am not sure. Hope that helps.