1. Does anyone have experience with the SCTCC nursing programs? I applied for the LPN program and am still waiting to hear back, but I'm nervous because I don't think I have the right CPR certification. I got my certification with the red cross but I realized, after I submitted my application, that it needed to be a certified American Heart Association CPR class. I completed all the other requirements, have a 4.0 GPA, and am working as a CNA so I'm hoping that that'll make up for that. Does anyone know when you're supposed to find out if you're invited to take the teas or not? And how soon after they send out the emails do you take the teas test?
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  3. by   Cnalpn
    Hi-I'm waiting to hear back also. I'm also wondering if anyone knows how many hours per week it is possible to work and still be successful in the full-time LPN program at SCTCC? Thanks!