Flu Field reports-what are you observing?

  1. I thought that it might be useful to have a thread where we share what nurses in Minnesota are seeing in our state re. the H1N1 flu situation.

    Are you seeing an increase in the number of patients or people in the community with flu symptoms?

    Is your facility being overun with the "worried well" seeking testing or treatment?

    Is flu testing being done? If so, is it being done on everyone with flu symptoms or only the sickest pts?

    Are you seeing hospitalized patients with suspected flu?
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  3. by   armytruck
    I work in a high acuity ICU, several older pts with resp. compromise/ failure after pneumonia set in,had positive H1N1 tests once admitted I also work in ER/ safety net hospital, treating symptoms/ not even testing most unless getting admitted. My surprise is that lots of people present without fever, and this had always been a hallmark of other flu presentations.