Evenings and Weekend BSN Programs

  1. Are there any evening and weekend BSN programs in this state?
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  3. by   Runner*Girl
    If you already have a Bachelor's in any field, St. Catherine's University has a weekend college postbac nursing program to get your BSN. The program allows for doing prerequisites the first year or so and then you begin nursing courses. I completed my prerequisites before the program, so I am basically waiting around for the nursing portion to begin. They may have a weekend college option if you don't have a Bachelor's already.
  4. by   Cari001
    Hey Runner Girl, I am considering applying to St. Kate's program but I dunno if it's right for me. I like you have all the pre-reqs completed. I noticed that it takes over 3 years for everything to complete and that seems like a long time away. How long do you have to wait before you begin your nursing classes? Are you working while waiting and will you work while in the program? Do you have any idea how much it'll cost (for basically just the nursing courses)? I could go on all day. Any info will be appreciated! Good luck in the program.