Can I still get my FNP in MN at masters level?

  1. I've been trying to find a masters level program in MN, preferably the Twin Cities area, with a family nurse practitioner emphasis. It seems that most have already transitioned to a DNP only program. I'm looking into Winona. Are there any others?
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  3. by   grandmawrinkle
    The U of M already transitioned to the DNP. Metro State accepted it's last MSN/NP class this fall. I believe St. Catherine University is going to continue to offer their NP programs at the Master's level - at least their web page doesn't say that they are transitioning over. They don't have an FNP program though -- it's adult/geriatrics. I don't think there are any other programs in town.
  4. by   mom2cka
    I am at St. Scholastica, which at this point has been online (I am in my 2nd year of part-time studies) - The College of St. Scholastica | Home Page
  5. by   firstgeneration
    mom2cka can you message me I would like to know more about the FNP program at College of St.Scholastica and how you like the program??