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Minneapolis School of Anesthesia-Start Fall 2017


Anyone else apply to MSA this cycle? Hear back from them yet? Anxiously awaiting!

Jleech88, MSN, APRN, CRNA

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I applied this year as well. I recently emailed the school and they stated we should be hearing something by the end of December at the latest. I was placed on the alternate list last year, so I'm hoping this year I'll be fortunate enough to land a spot. Please let us know if you hear anything!

Hey guys

I am very much interested in MSA's program as well but their website doesn't really offer much info about the program.

Does anyone know where I can get the curriculum from? Can prospective students take core courses before starting the program?

And what's the tuition for fall of 2017?

Anyone willing to share their stats? Gpa, experience etc?

Appreciate your time

And good luck to all.


For those on the alternate list, do they roll into the upcoming class or do you start all over from scratch ? And how many students are put on this alternate list ?

Wishing you the best this year And Goodluck

I was told by several others that were wait listed in the past that they start from scratch the next year. However, I was also told that anyone who gets to interview will either be accepted or wait listed. I am waiting to hear back as well. Best of luck to all!

I too applied. Just waiting to hear something. I am hoping for an interview at least haha.


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I was "waitlisted" last year, and yes, you have to start over the next year.

From what I was told, not everyone who was interviewed but not accepted is placed in the alternate pool. They would not tell me how many were in the alternate pool, and said that when a spot opens up all applications in the pool are reviewed again, so there is no way to tell you where you are on a list.

I'm still waiting to hear from them for this cycle...best of luck everyone!

I got called today for an interview!! I need to call back because they called me 10 minutes before they closed for the day.Good luck everyone!

Jleech88, MSN, APRN, CRNA

Has 9 years experience.

I just got off the phone with MSA. I was fortunate to set up an interview for January! Best of of luck to everyone.

Hello, Has anyone who applied to MSA been accepted at St. Mary's in Minneapolis. I am number 2 at St. Marys on their waiting list and wondering if anyone who has been accepted to St. Mary's and MSA has chosen MSA instead for 2017. Thanks and good luck!

Hello all!

After speaking to MSA last week, they provided the following information:

We will be notified of getting an interview starting Dec 15 up until the end of the month. If you do not get a phone call, a letter will be mailed stating you weren't granted an interview.

Interviews are in January. Decisions regarding acceptance occurs in February.

I hope this helps! Good luck to all!

Congratulations! Any insight as to what to expect for the interview itself?

I too got an Interview! mine is set for Jan. 10th.

I just interviewed today. Was told the committee will be meeting in February and decision letters would be sent at the end of February, or beginning of March. Good luck to everyone that received an invitation to interview.

just curious has anyone heard anything?

When I interviewed they said mid to late February we should hear back.

Just want to let everyone know your letters will be in the mail soon. Unfortunately mine said I didn't get in and not even on the alternate list. Hope others got better news.