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Military Nurse Requirements

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I attended a LPN and ADN program that were not NLN nor CCNE accredited (yea, I know...stupid). I am currently in a BSN program that is CCNE accredited and I will graduate in December. I was prior service enlisted in the infantry and it has been a goal of mine to be an Air Force or Army nurse. I have been a Float RN now with about 2 years experience and 1 year experience as an LPN before that. I know that the military only takes graduates from CCNE or NLNAC, so since my BSN will be CCNE, will this trump my other degrees and will I be eligible to serve in the military as a nurse? Thanks for your replies!

To my understanding yes, as long as you meet all of the other requirements to apply for the branch's nurse corps.

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Yes, you should be eligible to apply. What I'm not sure about is whether or not you will get constructive credit for the time your were an ADN/RN and be eligible to apply as an experienced nurse (since your ADN program wasn't fully accredited). Usually, you would get credit for time you worked as an RN full-time.