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Military Base Nurse

Hi are there any nurses who work for the CYTP (Children, Youth and Teen Programs)?

Bump!! Anyone??


Specializes in School Nurse; ICU.

I have never seen a nurse work for the AYA or teen center-at least not paid. Are they wanting you to do immunization trackers and CPR training? I think they go to the clinic for those things but I am not sure. I know I have never seen a position posted other than for child care worker or food service worker.

I could definitely be wrong though. For a complete answer look on USA jobs website for your location.

Sorry for the late response, hope things worked out for you.

I'm actually a nurse on a base now. We are in charge of the child care centers as well as the before/after school programs and summer camp programs. Just looking for any other nurses out there. I know we are slowly coming into existence. At my husband's 1st duty station there were no nurses only the directors and caregivers making the calls.


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