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Midwest RN looking to Move to Phoenix/Tucson

by PurpleIvy2 PurpleIvy2 (New) New

Hi Everyone,

I'm an RN in Chicago with almost 1 year of experience on an acute rehab unit in a long term facility. I have so much experience and skills that I could use in a hospital and made sure to highlight them on my resume. I had really bad luck in Chicago with utilizing all the people I know that had a hospital job, so I'm really pessimistic about me looking in another state. I want to know, while filling out all those hospital online applications, how do you separate yourself from everyone else? I get refusals so quickly I wonder if anyone's even looked at my application.

I put an Arizona address on my resume, because I have residence in Arizona. I explained that I'm currently in Illinois but would be ready to go in two weeks. I also have my Arizona license number. Any tips/advice on how to stand out in the Phoenix/Tucson area?