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Middle Georgia State College Fall 2015

by Peach34 Peach34 (New) New


Anyone apply for BSN Fall 2015 program at Middle Georgia State College?

I took the TEAS on 1/30/2015. What are your stats and scores?

TEAS - 82

GPA - 3.64

Hi! I also applied for the Fall 2015 BSN. I took the TEAS 1/14/2015.

TEAS 86.7%

GPA 3.62

Have you heard anything about when letters go out?

Hey I applied for the Fall 2015 BSN program. I took my TEAS sometime in January I got a 82% and my gpa is 3.8. Also they should go out in the next couple weeks

I got my acceptance letter today for the BSN program

I got a 67.6 on the Teas :( I didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped

GPA of 2.96 and I got a denial letter last week.