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Mid-school Crisis (PMHNP)


Specializes in ICU, CCU. Has 4 years experience.

HeIlo! I am going through a mid-school crisis in my PMHNP program, and wanted your advice. I am in Psychopharm and Psych-patho, and I cannot shrug off the thought of mental illness and psychotropic medications not being concrete concepts for me. I am often reading in my textbooks that there is inconclusive evidence to a medication's proven efficacy on a disorder, and there is a large risk for misdiagnosing due to overlap of symptoms. I am torn whether these psychiatric disorders are part of the natural process of a person actually coping/developing, and if psychotropics cause more harm than good, and if there really is a true difference between placebo and medication. I understand the need for psychotropics in acute, severe situations to manage a patient, but I guess I am more skeptical about outpatient treatment in more stable patients.

I think I want to continue in this program, but it's difficult with these thoughts I have. Any advice? TIA!