Transferring from med/surg/Tele to ICU

  1. Hi! I am just looking for advice on how to best prepare for my new role in the ICU come mid-March.

    I have been a nurse on a busy med/surg/tele floor for 7 months. Next month I'll be transferred to the ICU, which is what I've wanted through nursing school! I was an STNA in the CCU for almost 5 years before I became an RN. I have learned quite a bit on my floor in the last 7 months. I love taking care of the wide variety of patients that I've had. I know I need to read up on drips, including vasopressors and anti-arrhythmics.

    Any other advice? Thanks in advance! I'm super excited!
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Start with the ACLS book.