The MICU faqs continue to be updated...

  1. Hello all. The MICU faqs at continue to be updated - most recently: "PA lines" and "Reading EKGs". Currently under revision is "Med Tips", after that maybe "X-rays". As usual, please send in comments, questions, relevant stories and experiences, dog pictures (we like those), omissions, or anything else you think might be useful. We'll happily give you credit as Consulting Wizard/ess, or any other title you'd like, which you can then go on and use to impress your if they cared what we thought! All the best!
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  3. by   Evie
    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to let you know that your ICQ FAQs have been a huge help to me as a 3rd year student in the lead up to my final Med-Surg exam (the focus of which is high acuity nursing). Reading through the documents has reinforced what I have learned, but with a more "human" approach through your writing, it has been much more enjoyable.

    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!