Standard of care

  1. I have observed nurses not practicing within the standard of care,I think thats the phrase to use. Perhaps a procedure was not done properly,with no apparent adverse affect to resident. This seems to be done so the nurse can save time and get on with other "more important" duties. The nureses who follow the P and P are slower and looked on as less effcient.

    Is this how it is in nursing ,do nurses have to be dishonest with them selves to survive on the Job?
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  3. by   Timinky
    When people stop following policies several things need to be looked at. 1. Staffing patterns/ nurse to pt. ratio. Is it an issue of haste, 2. Is it an education problem. 3. Does the policy need to be reviewed. If some nurses are getting the work done in less time than another person maybe the extra steps can be eliminated. Ultimately when it comes down to it, if something goes wrong with what their doing the policy won't back them if it should go to court.
  4. by   ohbet
    Thanks for your reply and question to ask in regards to the P and P. But what did you mean if something goes wrong the P and P wont back them up in court?