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Medical intensive care units (MICU) and Surgical intensive care units (SICU) nurses discussing, networking, and sharing information about nursing the critically ill patient. A huge specialty covering differing modes of ventilatory support, invasive monitoring, resuscitation, and emergency management of the critically ill patient.

The Immeasurable Fortitude of Mothers
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The Immeasurable Fortitude of Mothers

After returning from vacation, I was assigned to "Robert", a 24 year-old suffering from septic shock, multi-system organ failure and late-stage muscular dystrophy....

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Liddle Noodnik

ICU: Finding the best way to care

Nursing is a daunting task for many of us, even when we have time under our belt. Call bells, charting, phones ringing, family members needing time and...

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Just a little advice after a year in the ICU.

I have been an ICU nurse for about a year now. I have learned a million and one things and still have a lot left to learn. I just wanted to offer a little help to...

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juan de la cruz

ARDS: Should we be prone to prone?

The buzz in critical care circles these days is the recent publication of the results of the PROSEVA Study Group in the New England Journal of Medicine. This...

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