Should I take the per diem job?

  1. Hello, I'm a new grad RN, I have 8 months total of telemetry/MICU/SICU experience. Right now I'm working at a telemetry floor - and I've been trying to get a job in an ICU floor. I haven't had any call backs, so I've been thinking of picking up this per diem nursing home job on their ventilator floor. I have an interview for next week, but I want more opinions.

    Do you think this will be considered good, added experience? I want to increase my chances of getting an ICU position.

    thank you
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  3. by   ILUVERNSG
    It can't hurt. You will be dealing with chronic vent patients.

    But really telemetry experience is more likely to help you.
    I hope you have your ACLS certification and completed your telemetry course in rhythm interpretation, cardiac drugs, etc?
    That and your work history, performance evaluation, call outs, etc are what will matter.
    In my experience, I would say that you probably won't get considered for ICU until you have at least a years worth of nursing experience under your belt (excluding those entering as a new grad right from school).
    Good luck with your interview my dear. Let us know how it went!
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