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  1. Hy Virtual Friends!

    This is Amyna Ahmed from Toronto, Canada working as an ICU_RN in MSICU. I am involved in Nursing Practice Council where we discuss the progress about our unit and review policies and procedures etc etc. Since I have joined this council, I have noticed that people do not really show up for the meeting because of shift work and sometimes due to sheer laziness. So far we have tried to conduct meetings in person, early in the morning where management, day and night staff could gather and attend the meeting. But, success rate is less than 20%. I was thinking of going for teleconference or online synchronous discussion. If any of you have any better idea than this, please let me know. Greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Amyna Ahmed
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  3. by   dorimar
    That's just pitifull that people can't give an occassional (paid)1 hour before or after their shift for the betterment of their unit. I have no answer for non-motivated people.