Prone Positioning

  1. I wanted a general opinion on prone positioning ARDS patients. Does your unit routinely prone patients??
    How does your pulmonolgists feel about prone positioning?
    Does your unit have a written policy for proning pts?

    I'm doing my thesis on prone positioning and appreciate any discussion to see who is doing it and what you think

    Thanks to all
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  3. by   nimbex
    Our facility had the woman that invented the prone positioner come and inservice all the staff.... god, I'm forgetting her name... I believe Hillrom is manufacturing.

    We purchased one. We have two pulmonologists who believe in proning. I see results... the inventors research proves the results too.

    Two problems we have... not starting soon enough, and staff does balk(it takes 4 persons to do safely if many lines)

    Second... you have to ignore the monitor and spo2 for a bit as sats fall for a while .... they do come up... It's like the flat line after giving adenosine... you hold your breath

    I like it and feel it's worth the effort. has stopped need for JET vent in two patients